Sue Wong Fall 2012 Wedding Gowns

I love wedding gowns, as you all know. I also love Sue Wong. So when the two are together I'm super excitable!!  Fall 2012 looks to be an interesting bridal fashion season. Three big trends are color, sheath, and tulle galore!
Vera Wang shocked the masses by stepping out of her comfort zone with her fall 2012 line of black and brown tulle dresses, if you haven't yet seen them just google Vera Wang fall 2012, they are interesting to say the least. Color is definitely playing a big role next year.
Sue Wong has stuck to her notorious  modern meets Art Deco glam style that's synonymous with all of her designs. I love how she kept up with incorporating fall 2012's trends without losing her niche, though tulle isn't a huge element in her collection.
 I love the chique sheath silhouettes and just look at those details!!!
 Here are my favorites


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