Summertime Questions

Hey guys! Hope you are all having a lovely summer.  So I must admit I am a bit of a slacker when it comes to writing blog posts in the summer...shame on me. Today I thought I would ask a few questions and hope someone responds :) I know I know, not the most interesting and fun, but I need some insight....
I love all of the lovely photos that we have taken for our Bold Glamour website and etsy shop. Unfortunately I don't always have my model Annie and her wonderful guy Mark to do photoshoots at any given moment, so I was wondering what do people prefer when buying clothing? To see the garment on an actual model or on a nice dress form?  On a plain solid color back drop or in a scene?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We sort of do a mix of scenes and solid backdrops but I don't know which people like better. I'm thinking about buying a dress form to do some photos with when models aren't available as well.
I'm also looking into adding some other items to the shop instead of just dresses. Any vintage items you would like to see in particular? Let me know! I'm thinking about making some custom vintage inspired hair accessories and vintage themed bath items.  

Also to update you all on how things are going with Bold Glamour since switching over to Etsy....slow and steady. Etsy seems to be a bit slower during the summer. Dresses were flying out of here our first few weeks in transition from ebay. I'm hoping things will pick up a bit after some tweaking.
Keep an eye out for our upcoming 1940's inspired shoot!


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