Baby It's Cold Outside

Brrrr....Today the cold weather hit me like a train off it's tracks. Wild cool blustery wind ran rampid through my jersey thin sweatshirt as I opened the door on my way to class, definitly not an informed choice. When did winter just decide to show up again?  Seriously, winter has decided to become the dead-beat dad of the seasons...turning up out of the blue on Halloween just to say "hi, how ya doing?" and make way again for fall to step back into the picture, now he's back once more. Just yesterday it was 70 degrees here in Philly and I sort of like it that way.  I know, I know, all good things must come to an end as I quickly discovered this morning trying to start my cold weather loathing car. So as reluctant as I am, the time has come to perhaps purchase that winter coat.
I've searched the net for my favorite vintage inspired coats and here's what I've managed to come up with.
Ruffle front coat by Tulle
Coat with a cute back capelet, also from Tulle
Betsey Johnson But Darling coat
Switching Trains Coat by BB favorite
Elie Tahari Faux Mink Jacket


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